If you have decided to make us part of your health promoting team, we want to thank you for your confidence in us.

The first step to achieving your goal, is to call De Lucia Advance Practice LLC at 201-854-1500 and speak to one of our intake counselors. We will take basic information and if you request it, we will do an insurance verification to give you information about your health insurance. We cannot guarantee the information your insurance company representative provides, but may be helpful to you in guiding your choices for ongoing care. We are not in network with any insurance and many services are not covered by insurance.

After you have registered, visit our New Patient Forms page, and download your intake assessment forms. Please take your time to complete the forms. They are lengthy and will require some time to fill out. Once you have completed the forms you can bring them to our office or fax (201-854-1505) them to us. Your appointment with your practitioner will be confirmed.

Remember to bring all supporting documents with you to your first visit. The documents may include prior lab test results, information about your past diagnoses and treatments, a medication list and other supporting documents that will assist us in providing you with the personal level of care you deserve. We will collaborate with your physicians to coordinate your treatment plan.

Upon completion of your assessment, your practitioner will develop a personal care plan that is specific to your needs. It will include a synopsis and analysis of your symptoms with an explanation of underlying causes. It will lead to a plan of care with all the explanations and reasons for specific choices. It will include nutritional recommendations, exercise recommendations right for your body type and goals, supplements, medication if required and lifestyle changes.

If you have questions at anytime during the process, please feel free to contact your intake counselor prior to your first visit or your practitioner after you have registered.

For more information and to download our forms for your visit, please visit our “For Patients” page: